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The following contains important information regarding before and aftercare instructions for your oral surgery. Please read through this before your appointment..

Surgery with Local Anesthesia and/or Nitrous Oxide

This is for patients getting local freezing by injection to numb the extraction site.
If you choose to have laughing gas in addition to the injection, this is a gas you inhale through a nose piece to help you relax. In both cases, you are conscious (awake) for the surgery.

  • Please have a light meal roughly 2 hours before your surgery. We do not want you to be hungry during the visit, but we also want your blood sugar levels to be normal.
  • Escorts are not mandatory but you can bring someone if you choose to.It is always nice to have a companion for moral support. Please note they are welcome in the reception area during your surgery as your Dentist needs to focus all of his or her energy on your care!
  • Your dentist may provide a prescription for the appropriate medications at the time of the visit. Some of these medications are restricted narcotics and will require you to bring a government issued I.D. Health Card, Drivers License, Passport or Photo ID (not a student card).
  • To prepare for recovery, stock up on soft foods (no seeds or nuts they can irritate the extraction site and cause infection) and ice packs (wetting a few face towels and leave them in the freezer is the best). Medications will be prescribed on the day of surgery in most cases.
  • Wear loose fitting clothing for comfort.

Ladies, please note, being on your period is not a problem for they types of surgery we perform at this clinic. If you are taking addition medications, please alert your Dentist so they may modify any medication prescriptions..

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